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Our System

1: Understand Patient History

Knowing your eye health history allow us to recognize the medical condition and medication that could have an impact on your eyesight. This enable us provide a more accurate diagnosis.

2: Visual Acuity Testing

This is a routine part...

Myopia is no stranger to parents. Singapore has one of the highest rates of myopia in the world. Myopia rates have been on a rise since the increased of exposure to electronic devices and reading at young age. This does not necessary affect the child's academic perform...

 image from: https://www.zeiss.com.sg/vision-care/en_sg/better-vision/better-vision-with-zeiss/your-individualized-zeiss-lens/all-day-lenses-for-drivers.html

Seeing halos/glare while driving home after a long day at work?

Reduced vision at night can be very dangerou...

📖🔍Do not have to look for a new prescription unless the changes are so pronounced you're having a tough time seeing.
Pregnancy hormones decrease tear production (ironically, don't decrease crying🤔), which can lead to eye dryness, irritation and discomfort....

Some people wonder if it will hurt to apply contact lenses to their eyes for the first time. The fear is understandable, and it's related to the reluctance they may have to touch their eyes. But after learning how to put on and remove their lenses, most people find it...

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